What, Posting On The Day I Received the Mail, How Good Am I Then?

Well, it feels good to be back on top of things again!!!

Well... What a week! General Conference was amazing!!!! We got a lift down to Poole on the Saturday for the General Women's Session and then we stayed in Weymouth as it is only about 20 minutes from the Zone Leaders flat so they gave us a lift. Before they dropped us off all of the Elders went to "Smokey's", an American burger place. Sister Bastian and I were fasting so we didn't eat anything but it was fun... I felt like a YSA though not a Missionary so that was probably a bad thing! Back on the Sunday and as you know we had a two hour gap between the two sessions. The ZL's (with some help) made "Wingers" chicken... Sister Bastian and I made jacket potatoes and brownies for dessert. Honestly I love being with all of the Missionaries. I loved all of the talks and can't wait to hear the Priesthood Session and the Sunday afternoon Session (if we ever get time).

Did I say that Sister Bastian and I are on a sugar fast? Unless we get fed it at a dinner appointment we don't eat sweet things. We're doing it until Easter and it's going really well. We are also exercising like nut jobs! And that will continue forever... I reckon I might be a bit addicted. I lost weight when I first came out then put it back on again over Christmas. I am now one stone lighter than I was when I came out. One stone in 3 months is pretty good I reckon. Maybe I can loose another 4 stone before I come home :| Haha!

President Millar called me the other day to tell me my return date... May 6th 2015 as I expected. I had to call him last night for something and I am so grateful for him & Sister Millar and for the opportunity I have to be here in the ELSM. I told President how much I love Sister Bastian so I'm hoping that he won't move me but we'll see. If I get moved I won't be able to email at all WC 21/04/2014 so I will write to let you know where my new area is. Everyone thinks that I will move as I have been in the same District and Zone for the last 6 months.

It's Sister Bastian's birthday on April 22nd but that's the day before transfers so the 21st is a Black Monday (the Monday on transfer week as it's not Pday until the Wednesday) so we can't celebrate her Birthday. We planned to do it the week before (14/04) by having pedicures but we couldn't be booked in the shop that day so today was our only option. We're having pedicures after emailing, then I'm taking her for lunch at a Steakhouse. Fun Pday!!

When we were with the ZL's in the car the other day we were talking about what we love most about being a missionary. Elder Blackner said that it was the blessings that his family are receiving and then went on to explain after a few nudges. Fasten your seat belts! He grew up in a less active family and didn't go to church much. When he was 18 he had to go for a baby blessing... His Bishop collared him and asked him to go on a mission and he said yes (he has a hard time saying "no" to people). The Bishop gave him the paper work, he went home and never filled it in. When he was 19 he had to go for another baby blessing and knew that the Bishop would do the same so he prepared himself to say "No!" this time and told his Mum he planned to say no. The Bishop asked him and he said "Yes"... The Bishop gave him the paperwork, he went to his cousins house who had recently returned home from his mission and filled in the papers. The next week he had his medical and dental. Couple weeks later he got his call and came out one month later after attending church about 3 times after the baby blessing. Now his family are active in the gospel. How CRAZY is that?!?!?!?!!??! I literally gorped at him the whole time he was telling us.

Anyway... Enough for one week!

Our prayers are answered.

I Love you all!

Love, Sister Smart

Elder Blackner thought this would be a good idea... Big Red chewing gum rapers licked and placed on your fod causes heat, sting and a red mark. It didn't really do much!! He thinks the metal rapers are better though. Numpties!!!!!!!

Sister Bastian and I! I was not too impressed... Very tired and shiny after a long day!!!!

We April fooled the Elders!!! Instead of Oreo Truffles we made Marmite and chilli truffles... Hopefully the video will send.

Me trying to planned 4 different bus journeys for 1 day. Thank fully they all worked out!

Sister Bastian and I at Old Serum... Nice picnic lunch!

Sister Bastian fell off her chair again!! I nearly wet myself laughing!!!

Salisbury Chapel under go!

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