Big Time Slacking !!!

Im Big Time Slacking right now, two more days and Ill have 3 posts to catch up on...
Well! Another week gone by and it flew just as I expected... This transfer will be over before I know it and then I'm 1/3 of the way through.... WHAT?!?!?!?!? It really is crazy!
*** We just found out that the next transfer is on 23/04/2014 and we expected it the following week so it really will be over before we know it.
*** Both Sister Bastian and I think I will move so watch this space!

I love being a missionary... This week Sister Bastian asked me what I loved most about being a missionary and I couldn't decide straight away but after a long think I decided that it was witnessing others change their lives as they come unto Christ. On a completely selfish note, I also like how much I have changed as Heavenly Father has been molding me. Watching others change truly is very special and I love that I can be a part of it.
*** Saturday was very disappointing Pam wasn't able to go to the Temple and I probably let it bother me for a lot longer than I should but it's hard when you see Satan working his magic. I pray for her and pray that Satan will not be able to take a hold of her. But I know her time will come and she will find her way. That's what I don't like about missionary work... The opposite to what I love about it! Watching people struggle, watching Satan in his crafty ways and watching people reject the gospel. I wish that there was more that I could do but unfortunately Satan is very real. We should all try to be the kind of people that he is afraid of.

We were park contacting on Tuesday and we spoke to a guy named Elliot who last year had a long discussion with the Missionaries and has since read the entire Book of Mormon. I was both shocked and excited. We taught him about the Restoration and arranged to teach him in his home that Sunday (yesterday). Unfortunately he cancelled on the day as he had double booked himself. But we will be seeing him soon... Sister Bastian and I are very excited to see him again and teach him more about the Gospel.

Yesterday we had a last minutes dinner appointment with the Taylor family... I love them!!!!! We helped cook and prepare with Sister Taylor and I loved it... There were 10 of us for dinner! :) I felt like I was at home... Defiantly my home away from home that's for sure! They are planning on moving homes soon and I've told them to go north :)

We have a new missionary in the ward... I think I mentioned last week. Well now we know his name. Elder Robinson... We haven't got to know him yet but he's defiantly not an Elder Wilson! Not sure if that's a good or bad thing :) We'll take a new District photo next week!

We have Zone Training in Bournemouth on Friday and I'm excited! I love being around all the Missionaries... I'm starting to feel more comfortable at these big events too so that's good. Oh and the new Zone Leader is Elder Blackner... He's from Utah and seems cool. Seems like my northern accent is getting stronger because everyone seems to be making fun of me for my "bus" and "lunch" pronunciations. Especially the new Elders... I kept commenting on Elder Blackner's driving in retaliation! :)

Last Friday Sister Bastian had the MLC meeting in Stains that I mentioned... I went on exchange in Winchester with Sister Swain as her comp is STL for Portsmouth Zone. The ZL dropped us off on Thursday evening so we got to have a Sisters sleepover... Not quite the same as a regular one. Winchester is a cool place! Got to see the round table... Photo to follow! Oh and we bought companionship pedometers last Pday. Guess how many steps I did on Friday?!?! Photo to follow!! I was shocked!

Anyway I've wittered on for long enough!!

I love you all... Have a great week!

Love, Sister Smart

How many steps I took on Friday... 7.86 miles

The Round Table...

Last Pday... 6pm! It's over!!!!

This was me last week desperately studying for my talk!

At the top of the cathedral tower.

Sister Bastian and I at the top of the tower!

Salisbury chapel!!!!!

The mess I made while writing my talk!

On our way to church last week!

The view from our kitchen one day last week while I was making dinner.

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