Still Flipping Sad !!!

Well... Last week feels like a life time ago so I can't remember what I said!

Torquay!!! The weather really isn't as great as I was told it would be... Maybe the summer will be nice but for now it's a little miserable. I hope it arrives soon!!!

I am still so flipping sad to have left Sister Bastian and Salisbury! I learned so much from her and I know that I will continue to learn as I apply the things that she taught me. I know that I will learn a lot from being here and I know that we are assigned to areas and companions for a reason and sometimes that can be a challenge. I'm ready to get stuck in!!!!!

This week has been a little crazy!!! Not really like a regular week... Tomorrow is the day!!

Ben was baptized on Friday!!!!! I am so pleased that I was here for it but very sad for Sister Erasmus who had taught him wasn't able to be there. He is a great guy and I am so excited for him!

Last Pday we were with Elder Anderson and Elder Salas... We went to see some cool places in Torquay and we are going bowling today with them and Elder Kirk (my new District leader) & Elder Peterson. Elder Peterson has been out just one week and went to the Provo MCT... Apparently the Preston MTC was closed for a couple weeks! I think he was a little shocked to be here and he is very young. I feel really old in this District!!!!!! Everyone seems very young! Old bag!!!!!!!

Elder Salas and I spoke in Sacrament meeting this week... We both introduced ourselves and shared our "conversion" even though we were both brought up in the church. He really is a great guy and I am excited to work with him!

I have come to realise recently how much Heavenly Father's hands have been in my life for the past 18 months... The opportunity I had to go to Singapore and how everything just worked out was all Heavenly Father! His influence was there before but I struggled to see it. He knows each of us inside out and he knew that was what I needed in my life. I know that as we recognize his influence in our lives and understand the way he communicates with us individually we can develop our relationship with him.

Do your best to come closer to Him.

Have a great week!!!!

Love, Sister Smart

Salisbury District Elders.... :|

Our last Salisbury District Meeting :(

Wearing Elder Astle's shoe! :|

Elder Robinson massaging Elder Schmoekel's hand after playing the piano too much... Companionship love!!!!!

Sister McLaws and I found this on exchange last week... We were very freaked out!!!! :/

Hello Torquay!!

London Bridge... I think it's called :/

Me at the London Bridge... Very windy!!!

Sister Stuart and I at the London Bridge

Me, Sister Stuart, Elder Salas and Elder Anderson

Elder Salas... I nearly had a heart attack!!!!!

Elder Anderson... Again... I nearly had a heart attack!!

Ben's Baptism!!

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