On The Move Yet Again !!!

I think that girl has got itchy feet...
Well... What a crazy week!!!! Eastbourne is great! The ward are great and the people that we come into contact with are great.... So kind! Sister Connery and I have been welcomed very well into the ward, the Brighton District and the Crawley Zone. We're very excited to be here and we're excited to find those people that have been prepared or us.

The Elders here are Elder Trowbridge and Elder Fa'aoso. I had met Elder Trowbridge briefly once before on an exchange... At the time he didn't have any eyebrows because three other Elders dared him that he wouldn't... What a numpty!!! I gave him my eyebrow pencil at the time and he only used it once... When he had his interview with President Millar! Crazy guy!!! Elder Fa'aoso is brand new!!! He is from Tonga and he is the most chilled out guy I have ever met!!!! He is a rugby player and had some big offers but he chose to be a missionary instead... Cool Guy!!!

Today we're heading to The Seven Sisters... google it!!!!! Amazing!! I'm excited... Photo's next week! We're going with the District!! :)

On Saturday evening we had a phone call from a less active member named Miguel and he was wondering what time Church started because he and his girlfriend wanted to attend. We informed them and the following day they turned up. Brayah, his girlfriend is amazing!!! She felt the Spirit and she told us that she wants to be Baptised. The Elders had taught her briefly before with Miguel but she hadn't shown any progression. We have a teach with her tomorrow and we are so excited!

We were blessed to attend a musical fireside provided by the BYU students yesterday evening and Brayah really felt the Spirit there. It was a lovely experience for us all... Even though it was a bit cheesy!!!

Urgh... Sister Connery snores!!!!!!!!! :( so unfortunately sleeping hasn't been easy this past week, even though I have been exhausted!! Last night was much better so hopefully this is the start to restful nights... I bought ear plugs! She has been out for 14 months so we think that I might "kill" her off! Only three transfers! Crazy!

Time is flying by!!!! I am scared... I have been out 7 1/2 months!! Where has it gone!? It is going far too quickly.

I love Missionary work and I love being here in Eastbourne. Getting home at night and being exhausted gives a great feeling of satisfaction.

In my personal study this morning I was reading in Alma and I came across a scripture about repentance... Alma 36:12-21. How blessed are we?!?! The gospel is true people... find your faith!

I love you all... Have a great week!!!

Love, Sister Smart

Sister Connery and I!

Elder Salas and I... Our final good-bye! For now!

Me, Sister Stuart and Luke saying good-bye. Leaving area's is tough.

Me, Elder Kirk (Newton Abbot District Leader) and Sister Stuart... He is an awesome guy and missionary... So sad that he was only my DL for one transfer!!

Elder Fa'aoso, Elder Trowbridge, Sister Connery and I... Eastbourne Missionaries!!

Sister Stuart and I looking fetching!!


Judith bought Sister Stuart and I these bear from London :)

Elder Salas chavin' it up wearing my coat! Tut tut!!

Sister Stuart crying with laughter!!!

This is Ben being a child!!! :)

I almost jumped on this bus to come and say "hello!!!" to Rae, Jae and Abe!! Haha... Just kidding!!

Sister Stuart and I!!! :)

The Eastbourne chapel... Only LDS chapel in the world with a cross on it! (in the brickwork on the chimney)

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