Playing Catch-Up Again 2 !!!

Short and Sweet (just like her)
I only have a few minutes to write this week so it'll be a short one!

Well... This week has been crazy!!!!! I don't know where it has gone.... Tuesday we had Zone Conference! It was a very emotional day! This spirit was strong and I got to see Sister Bastian... Man I love that girl. I learned a lot and I got to have a little chat with President about a couple things. I am so thankful for that man. The love and support that I feel from him is so comforting.

We traveled there by mini bus... (:O<----- Sick face!!!) I felt so sick!!!! Not cool! The way there wasn't too bad but the way back was awful and I took travel sickness pills!

Elder Salas and I chatted the whole way there.. I love that guy. He's pretty much my bestie down this end.

We also had an Exchange this week... I went to Teignmouth with Sister McLeod (Sister Training Leader) and I learned so much! Exchanges are great!!

On Saturday we got permission to go bowling with the Taylor family, Ben (Recent convert) and Luke our investigator... It was lots of fun! Luke was a gent and paid... Not bad for a missionary, eh? I am so excited about Luke!! We had a great lesson with him a couple hours before bowling and we have another lesson with him on Friday and he is making us dinner. I'm pretty sure he already knows that the church is true!

We're having interviews with President this Friday and I am so excited!!!

Ahhhhhh!!!!!! I've ran out of time!

I hope you all have a great week!

I love you all x

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