Playing Catch-Up Again 4 !!!

On The Move Again!!!
Well... Have I got some news for you!!!!!!!

As you know it's transfers this week... We kinda expected Sister Stuart to leave but we didn't expect this... We are both leaving and they are closing the area down. For now the Elders in Paignton will be covering both areas and we passing everything over to them. I am opening a new area in Polegate near Eastbourne with someone called Sister Connery who I don't know... I know she is from Idaho and that's about it. We will be in the Brighton District which is in the Crawley Zone. We are about 1 hour from the London Temple which is crazy and Matt and Stacey get married there soon! Someone please remind me of the date so I make sure that I'm not there that day!

Arrgghhhh!!! I only have 6 minutes left!!

It really has been a crazy week as we have to close down the flat! We have been super busy! Sister Stuart and I really have developed a great relationship so we are really sad that our companionship is coming to an end so soon. She is going to Weston Super Mare and I know she will be great there! I am so sad to be leaving Elder Salas!!!!!!! He is so sad that we're all leaving him! "But Sister! What will I do without you here? Who will I call for support and comfort scriptures?". He is a great guy and an amazing missionary and I am going to miss him. The photo is of him moaping about us all leaving him!! :( Poor guy!

Well I now only have 1 minute!! I don;t think I'll have chance to email on Wednesday so I will email properly next Monday!!

Have a great week!!

I love you all x

Elder Salas moaping!!!

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