Seven Sisters, wow thats a big companionship !!!

Eastbourne. lock-up your none-members...
Well... I have now been a missionary for over 8 months!!!! Where on earth has the time gone!??!?! I reach my half way mark this transfer... July 10th I think. CRAZY!!!!

Today Elder Fa'aoso is going to teach us the Hakka!!!!! :/ Hahahah!!! Hopefully we can get good enough to take a video!! I've already told him that I will not be making the faces! :)

Last P'day was ace!!!!! We went to the Seven Sisters as planned... Amazing!!! Hopefully I'll have time to send photos! I thought for sure that Elder Reed was going to die!

My new District leader is Elder Cluff... I met him briefly while travelling from a Zone Conference in my first transfer. He is the nicest guy and I'm really glad that he is my DL!!! Elder Trowbridge (Eyebrow) is so flipping funny!! and is such a nice guy too. Seriously... My district is made up of cowboys/rednecks and a Tongan! :) So much fun!! I have been blessed in every one of my areas with great Missionaries! It's so nice to be associated with these awesome people.

Oh yeah... Crazy story!!!

Last week Sister Connery and I were in town (Eastbourne) chatting to this guy. We end our street teaches with a prayer and it was Sister Connery's turn to pray. Just as she started to pray this girl came around the corner and approached her friends who were next to us... She was going crazy! I tried to be reverent but I had to open my eyes!!! the guys face was a picture! Then the police turn up, tell her that she is in her restricted area and begin to arrest her. She resisted and bashed into the guy we were teaching. They cuffed her and shoved her in the back of the car just as Sister Connery said "Amen!". The guy we were praying with congratulated Sister Connery on continuing the prayer while someone got arrested and then went on his way. It was crazy!!! Sister Connery didn't even realise what had happened until I told her!

Thank you for all of your emails!! I apologise if I haven't replied... I read them all and love reading them but often I don't have time to reply.

Sorry this is all I have time for this week!!

I hope you are all doing well!!

Have a great week!

Love, Sister Smart

This is Sarah Parsons and I... She looks after the missionaries here in Eastbourne!!!

View from the Parsons home!!! Nice eh?!

Look... I was transported to Turkey!!!!! Haha!

Elder Trobridge, Elder Fa'aoso, Sister Connery and I on the bus... Traveling to The Seven Sisters

Sister Connery and I half way up one of the Seven Sisters!

Me... This one is just for mum! On the edge!

The Brighton District... Me, Sister Connery, Sister Walmsley, Sister Dimand, Elder Trowbridge, Elder Fa'aoso, Elder Cluff, and Elder Reed

And again... The Brighton District. These photo's don't do it any justice... Google it or visit The Seven Sisters... Maybe once I've left Eastbourne! :)

The Seven Sisters... Beachy Head lighthouse in the distance... Terrible photos!

The storm is coming!!!!!!... We got drenched!!!!!

Terrible photographs and you can't even see it properly but this is my dodgy watch tan mark! It's more obvious in real life!

Feet tan marks!

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