Playing Catch-Up Again 1 !!!

I think she's a little happier this week again.
Well well... This week has been both looooong and short!
Time really is a very odd thing as a missionary.

I am so flipping excited!!!!!!
It is Zone Conference tomorrow so I get to see Sister Bastain and everyone else from the Poole Zone. I think I will probably cry when I see her.
I love Zone Conference as it is, but the fact that I'll see all my friends is amazing! Elder Salas and I have been counting down the days together :) Saddos!! Don't worry though... We haven't allowed it to effect our work :)

This week has been quite good... We have worked hard and have seen Heavenly Father's hands in so many ways each day. We have been working on AUF (Address Unknown File). People that we think might be members of the church that live in the area but are not 100%. Each time we try to contact one we have bumped into multiple people that are willing to listen to the message we have to share. Heavenly Father is preparing these people.

We managed to arrange an appointment with a guy named Luke for this coming Tuesday evening... He was taught last summer but unfortunately didn't want to progress after a while. I feel really positive about him and I am excited to help him come closer to Heavenly Father. He came to Church yesterday!!!!!!!! :)

Sister Stuart and I laugh quite a lot... Only when appropriate!! I haven't had a companion yet that I haven't been able to laugh with and I am so pleased because it is so important.

The weather is getting better(ish) here!! We have a few random days of sunshine then crazy rain/wind/sun all in one! Hopefully the summer will be here soon!

We were a little lazy to begin with and we didn't go out to exercise and you just can't exercise as well inside but this week we have been going out :) Torquay is very hilly!!!!! We have been running/jogging/collapsing up and down hills and stairs! We're determined!!

This week is going to be an amazing week!!!!! Please pray for Luke and for new people for us to teach!

I am so happy to be a missionary... It's tough but well worth it!

I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sister Smart

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