It's Getting Hot In Here !!!

It must be all that hot air.

Well... Where do I start?!

As you know Sister Connery transferred to Downend last Wednesday and I got a new companion! Sister Draper is my new comp from Cotton Wood Heights near Sandy, Utah.

She is amazing!!!!! I knew her from my days in the Poole Zone and I was so flippin excited to be her companion. I love her so much!!!!!!!!!!

Satan know's that we're going to be awesome together so he is making our lives tough!!

He is especially attacking me with self disapproval... He's a crafty one! I heard someone the other day (I don't remember who) "One of Satan's greatest tools is confusion... He confuses us about all manner of things and quite often he confuses us about ourselves !". I am trying to better myself as a person and as a missionary. I am currently studying Christlike attributes. This week I am studying humility as I know it's something I really need to improve. Let's see how that works out!!

Sister Draper and I have set a goal to teach with love and this morning in personal study I read 1 John 4 which is all about love.

"Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."

1 John 4:7-8.

The scriptures are amazing! I am determined to be a better Missionary and person.

I have unfortunately found myself getting distracted recently about worldly things... About post mission life! Not cool!! So if you would like to pray for specifics then please pray for me to stay focused and for Muneerah that all will go well with her baptism.

Her baptism was postponed last week as some of her friends couldn't make it... AKA Satan is preventing it from going ahead! Crafty creature! We now have a new date of Saturday, July 26th but it is proving to be a little difficult with the ward so we're praying that it will go ahead.

The weather... It is flippin roasting down here!!!! It's so humid as well. Thankfully we're by the sea so we get quite a breeze! I don't know if we're going crazy but we can't seem to turn our heating off :/ With Dad as an engineer and me having part of his brain you'd think that I'd be able to figure it out, but nope! I guess I'm a little thick!

Transfer day was crazy... I stayed in Crawley with Sister Dimond from Brighton and Sister Mott from the Visitors Centre who was sick :/ that meant that we were stuck in the chapel for 7 hours!!!! :/!!!!!!

There was about 10 Elders there too and they were very good at looking after us. It really was quite boring but we got to know a few more Missionaries which is cool!

It's Zone Conference this coming Thursday and I am so excited!!!!!!!!!! I will hardly know anyone but that's all good... I'll have to make new friends!!

Today we're going to the farm again and the castle but this time with the whole District. Fun fun!!

I love you all... Have a great week!!

Love, Sister Smart

Sister Draper and I... We had to send this to our Zone Leaders so they remember our names and who is where!

This is what the heat does to missionaries!!! Poor Elder Fa'aoso!!

Muneerah, me and Sister Connery at the London Temple Visitors Centre.

One of the most awkward looking photos ever!!!!! This is Elder Green and I... He thinks he may know Josh Bateman but he's not sure! Small Mormon world!!!

We saw this and HAD to take a photo... I'm sending two because in one I'm looking at the camera and in the other I'm not. In the one where I'm looking away I'm surprised I don't have a look of discuss on face as someone was shouting out of their car window "ooo, sexy!!" :/ awkward!!!!!!!

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