Transfers Again !!!

But she aint going nowhere...


Well this week is transfers!!!!! I am staying!!!!! It's about flipping time I stayed settles for a while! I have been tossed about recently! Sister Connery is moving on though sadly. She is moving to Down End in Bristol. It's about time that she went out west as she has been over in the east her whole mission. We both presume she will die there as she only has two transfers left.

My new comp is Sister Draper!!!!!!! I love Sister Draper!! We were in Poole zone together. She is great and I am excited!

Elder Cluff (our District Leader) is moving to Staines to be a Zone Leader so Elder Trowbridge has been made DL... I'm excited for him!!! He will be awesome!!

Sister Walmsley from Brighton is moving too, so this transfer we'll have two new Sisters, one new Elder and a new senior couple!
Lots of changes in the Brighton District!!!

Muneerah, our investigator is being Baptised this Friday at the Brighton Chapel... I am so excited for her!! She has asked the Missionaries to do a musical item... We practiced earlier today and I think we sounded like dying cats!!!!

The ling below is what it is suppose to sound like but I know it will not sound anything like this! I just hope Sister Draper knows this song 'cause I was deffo following Sister Connery's lead!!! :O

As you know I lost my camera a couple weeks ago :( sad times!! I bought a new camera and went crazy with it last P'day at the farm... Photos to follow!! We had a great day and we are looking forward to going back again as the two pigs have just had about 30 piglets :) I hope Sister Draper likes the idea!! We're having a ward BBQ there in a couple weeks so I guess she hasn't get much choice!

There was a fireside at the Temple the Friday just gone and we took Brayah... She really enjoyed it! It's such a great place to be... A special spirit!
Tomorrow we are heading to the Temple again but this time with Muneerah. She wants to buy her own baptismal dress so we're going to the distribution centre as well as the visitors centre. I love the Temple so I'm excited to go.

I'm just about to sign off so I'll end so I can sent some of my many photos!!

Have a great week and remember who you are!
Do you know who you are?
If not, find out!

Love, Sister Smart

Crazy Tongan (Elder Fa'aoso) at lunch last Pday!

Crazy Redneck (Elder Trowbridge) on our way to the farm last Pday!

Elder Fa'aoso and I.

Elder Trowbridge and Elder Fa'aoso! We had a race... The Elders won :(


Elder Trowbridge eating with the lambs!

Me and a lamb!

Elder Fa'aoso and a lamb! :/

Pevensey Castle... By the farm... Me, Sister Connery, Elder Trowbridge and Elder Fa'aoso.

Sister Connery and I

The flowers Elder Fa'aose gave me :/ Haha!!


Bright District!

Sister Connery and I!

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