A Tough Week !!!

Short lived though...

Well... This week has been long and tough. I think I have reached a mid mission crises!!! Unfortunately it seems to have gotten worse the past couple days :| I am praying that it has reached it's worse and it is only going to get better.

Sister Draper and I have formed a plan from the "Adjusting to missionary life" booklet that will hopefully help. The next couple weeks will tell I guess... Part of the plan includes exercise and healthy eating so hopefully you'll be seeing a slimmer Sister Smart!

Earlier on this week we decided to try a new way of finding. We checked with the police first and then drew the Plan of Salvation out really big with chalk on the high street. It proved to drum up a lot of interest which is cool but it caused a problem with teaching "two by two". We are hoping to involve members next time and perhaps the Elders so we can be more effective.
We had one guy that was quite rude and when things aren't going great in general, it's hard to keep your cool! In the real/non mission world I wouldn't have stood for it but as a representative of Christ I bit my tongue... I need to learn how to be more Christlike throughout my life. I'm sure Christ wouldn't shoot his mouth of weather he was a missionary or not!

Last Pday we went to the farm again but with the whole district... It was cool but overwhelming, I'm starting to be a real missionary and get freaked out in social situations :| I'll be a right weirdo when I get home!!!

This past week was Zone Conference (3 Zones together). Elder Salas has been moved back to Kennington (The Spanish Ward), so I got to spend time with him... I miss him so much!!!! Sister Draper thought I was going to hug him because I was so excited to see him... Hahaha!! I honestly feel like he is one of my best friends!

Zone Conference was inspiring as usual... The AP's did a skit to teach about companionship unity... They were named Elder Adam and Elder Eve A.K.A Elder Idso and Elder Steven. It was so funny! They taught a really good lesson from it too!

Sister Draper is amazing! Heavenly Father has placed her and I together for a reason. I am so blessed to have her as my companion.

I hope that you all have a great week!!

Love, Sister Smart

One to make you cry: http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?v=3019287996001

Us missionaries... A.K.A piglets! Haha!!!!

Sister Draper and I at the farm last week!

Sister Draper and I at the farm again.

Sister Draper, Sister Jenson, Sister Dimond and me... Star! Losers!!!!

Elder Trowbridge being Elder Trowbridge... He is an awesome District Leader!!

Elder Fa'aoso being Elder Fa'aoso... He's so Tongan!!!

Brighton District with Lambs plus Brother Hanscombe!

Hahahahaha.... One of the Lambs bit Elder Bodhaine! :|

Lewis taking Selfies of us and a lamb!

And again!

This is them all over!!

The Plan of Salvation... First attempt!

Sister Draper and I... Selfie in the loo at Zone Conference!

Me and my bestie... Elder Salas!!!!!!!

ELDER SALAS!!!!!!! Love that guy!

I caught this in a glass the other day!!!!! :|

Sister Drapers mug shot!!!!!

My mug shot!!!! Don't mess!!!!!!!!

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