Lambing Season !!!

She's a sucker for them Lambs.

So I only have a short amount of time today as we're going for lunch with a member then we're heading to one of the members farms to play with the lambs!! :)

Last P'day was ACE!!!!! We had a BBQ on the beach with our Elders and the Bright Elders. The Brighton Sisters couldn't come as they had things to do! It was a fun day!!!! I lost my flipping camera : (not happy about that but not all is lost... I have about 90% of my photos saved else where! PHEWWWW!!!!)

I forgot to say... When I spoke at the Fireside a couple of weeks ago I met a guy named Cubby! OH MY HECK!!! He looks just like Danner!!!! the first thing I said to him was "Are you a Banks?" Turns out he isn't but he is American and is here studying for the summer. I told him he has a twin named Danner Banks who is married to my best friend Kelsi!! The poor guy must have thought I was crazy!!! :)

I can't believe that I will be half way through this Thursday.... CRAZY!!!! I can't believe that is transfer is almost over!!!!!! It has gone by so quick! Next week one of us could move! :/ I may email on Monday, Wednesday or not at all next week! I will write a letter if I move but I highly doubt that I will!! Sister Connery only has 2 transfers left so I think we'll stay together and I will kill her off.
She got the phone call the other day with the release date... October 8th... Her birthday!!!!! Crazy eh?

Did I tell you that Elder Fa'aoso was a rugby player!? He turned down two contracts with Australia to be a missionary! I just found out that one of those contracts was offering him 1 million just to sign!!!! :O crazy!!!
He will be so blessed for his sacrifice!

This past week I went on an exchange in Brighton with Sister Dimand... It was pretty cool and on the way back on the train we had a miracle... A guy approached us and asked us where he could find a Mormon Temple.
Turns out he watched the "Meet the Mormons" show the other day and is now really interested in learning about the Gospel!! Exciting!!
He lives in Kingston which isn't too far from the London Temple so we have referred him on to the Kingston Sisters :)

We have been working with a lady names Muneerah and she will be baptised on July 19th.
I am so happy for her!!!
Heavenly Father has been preparing her for a long time!

The church is true people!!!!

Arrrhhhhh I love being a missionary so much!

Watch this video!!! I think this woman is amazing!!!

Have a great week!!!!!!

I love you all!!

Love, Sister Smart
We found this the other day... A pet service?!?! What the heck!!

Doing some service with the Elders at Brayah and Miguel. We didn't have dust masks so we made some! :)

Sister Missionaries of Ninja?!?!

This is Keith... A recent convert that we're working with!

Brighton District!!

Elder Fa'aoso and I!

Last P'day on Eastbourne pier after the BBQ!

The pie we made for the Elders!

On the pier... This is when I lost my camera :(

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