Trust Him !!!

You'd better do as she says folks.

Good morning!!

Well... This week has been a week of stress.

Our presentation went well at Zone Conference though which is great!! Trying to juggle yours thoughts is hard though.
It was really weird being at a Zone Training where I hardly know anyone though! I suspect I will be in this Zone for a while though so I best get used to it!

One thing I'd like to tell you about this week is trusting in the Lord. It's easier said than done I can tell you that! I found the best way for me is trust Him is:
1) Decide to trust Him... Fully.
2) Do all that I can to keep my covenants.
3) Utilise the Atonement of Christ.
4) Ask Heavenly Father for help.
These are four ways I have found that help me. I believe that all of these can help everyone... Everyone is different and that's how Heavenly Father made us, but Heavenly Father is the same. I'm not going to expand as I don't have time but I challenge you to trust Him.

Watch this clip:

Also, my testimony of the Priesthood has really grown while I am been on my mission and it is exciting to me.
As I have come to understand more about the Priesthood, how essential it is and how it works. I haven't got time to delve in but I suggest you study it, use it and be worthy to use it.

I love being a missionary and I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I didn't watch the show on Channel 4 the other night but I have heard a little about it. I don't think it is entirely accurate. I suggest you watch "Two Brothers: The 5000 Day Project"... It's a documentary by a non LDS guy following his two nephews as one of them serves as a full time missionary and his brother is it home attending BYU (I think).
It's been a while since I watched it and I'd love to watch it again but that can wait another 9 months.
From what I can remember, it gives a pretty good picture of missionaries. Let me know what you think.

The church is true!

Have a great week!!!!

I love you all xxx

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